Want To Get Your Emails Delivered? The Secret To How Industry Insiders Are Quietly Building Their Email Lists Faster And Better!

When most of us get started in Internet marketing, we’re trying to build a successful online business with a very limited budget. Because of this, some of you might be tempted to use a free autoresponder program for your business, but I highly recommend that you stick with the most reputable companies in the industry.

This is the #1 secret that industry insiders are using to build their email lists faster and getting the highest possible delivery rates.

I recommend that you take a look at the three biggest names in email marketing: Aweber, GetResponse and ConstantContact.


Aweber and GetResponse offer a similar product and I can highly recommend either of these services. ConstantContact is a slightly different email marketing platform in that it’s not mainly an autoresponder per se, but it does have some amazing cool features that can really help you build your list quickly.

One of the coolest features of ConstantContact is the ability to let people sign-up to your email list by simply sending a text message to a short number! This means that you can create a flyer or an advert anywhere with your short code and people will automatically sign-up from their cell phones.

Imagine that you in the weight loss niche for example and you just put up some posters at fitness clubs with the following message:

Text the word “fitness” to 1888 to receive a secret report with 12 relatively unknown tips that can help you lose weight quickly!

Being able to get people to join your list by simply sending a short text message means that there are so many more opportunities for you to recruit subscribers to your list than the through your normal “squeeze page” so that is the main reason why you would perhaps want to consider using ConstantContact for your email marketing business.

Each of the above-mentioned autoresponders offer a great service and are pretty equal in that regard, but it’s important to understand what makes an autoresponder service good, so let’s take a look at some of the most important features of the best auto responders.



You’ve probably had trouble with email delivery at some point in your career.

Perhaps your boss sent you an important email message and simply didn’t believe you when you said that it never arrived.

Deliverability is a huge concern for email marketers, and of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an autoresponder service. The free autoresponder tools tend to have lower delivery rates for the simple reason that since they are free they are often used by those who send email spam.

They often also don’t have the financial resources and clout needed to strike deals and become “whitelisted” with the major ISP’s and email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

You need the vast majority of your emails to get through without being put into the spam or junk folders (or without just disappearing into cyberspace), and that’s the main reason you need to be willing to invest a small amount of money in a quality autoresponder.

User-friendly interface


Aweber and GetResponse make it very easy to set up your email campaigns, even if you don’t have any previous experience. Most of the work is simply copying and pasting your new email messages into the appropriate fields. Despite the simplicity they offer a vast amount of advanced features.

They also offer some important analytics features that you can use to evaluate your results.

You can study various stats like your opt-in rates (the percentage of your website visitors that actually subscribe with your name and email address) open rates (the percentage of your subscribers who are actually opening your emails), and your click through rates (how many of your readers are actually clicking on your sales links inside your emails).

Without these great reporting features, you really have no idea how well your email marketing campaigns are doing.


Both Aweber and Getresponse also offer the possibility to segment your list in various ways.

You can for example track everyone that doesn’t open one of your emails and send them the same email again but with a different subject line, in order to get as many people as possible to open and read your messages.

You can segment your list in many other ways, but if you want to learn more about this you can simply visit the VIP Membership Area here and really see how to grind this machine.

Customer service


The best autoresponder companies offer great tutorials in the form of articles and/or videos. Nevertheless, you’re bound to have questions that come up, which makes excellent customer service very high on the list of important features. All three services recommended here offer great customer support.


Aweber and GetResponse currently cost right around $20 a month to get started, (although we have managed to get an offer with Aweber for our readers to try their service for 30-days for just $1). Considering the great reporting features, customer service, and industry-wide reputation, this cost is really a no-brainer for you and your company.

With such a low cost to get started, it really doesn’t make any sense to go with a free autoresponder tool with fewer features, poor customer service, and lower delivery rates. You usually get what you pay for, and in the end this is a tiny investment to make for a business that can easily replace your normal day job in just a few months.

The monthly cost will increase as you receive more and more subscribers, but this really is of no importance since the more subscribers’ you have the more money you will be making.


If you’re being charged, say, $150 a month by Aweber that means you have around 35,000 subscribers, and if you are doing things right you should hopefully be making somewhere between $10,000 and $50,000 per month profit from those subscribers.

Building an automated backend for your business is easier than you think, but make sure that you don’t cut yourself short, and make sure that you go with one of the recognized leaders in email marketing.

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