Better Results Using Higher Relevance in Pay Per Click Campaigns

If you have ever tried PPC, or pay per click, just to be met with poor results then we do understand the feeling. PPC is doable, but you need to learn correctly and employ some common sense. Google is invariably trying to strengthen their services and end-user experience, and that is why they have become more strict within the last two years or so. Their new Terms of Service have hit hard with quite a few advertisers, but it helps to know the reasons those changes were made. There are a variety of vital areas that must be done properly before you can make money with virtually any PPC ad program and not just Adwords.

Adwords advertisers have to work to gain the greatest quality score possible with their campaigns. A score of 10 is perfection, which is the best anyone can do. Your quality score will have a visible impact on the costs per click, ad position, and other factors. The most important thing to keep in mind is relevance. Every area of your PPC promotion needs to be relevant to all your other parts.

You can still create a list with Adwords, so that will mean you have to create a modified landing page because that is where people will go first. You are prohibited from presenting a one-page landing page using Adwords, but there are solutions for that. The solution to getting around this rule is just to make a landing page that has a bit more content on it than normal, possibly eight to about a dozen pages of content. So first, the person who just clicked on your ad comes with specific expectations. You may be thinking that everyone would naturally do that, but we know for a fact everybody doesn’t necessarily do it.

If you are using this type of enhanced squeeze page, for Google Adwords, then this landing page will have to be relevant in all ways to your primary site. If someone opts into your email list, and you send that person to your money site, then it’s a very important cross-over point for both of you. Be sure to use related design types and colors on your main site and the landing page. Naturally, the written content for both must be in the same niche or topic. If you have everything lined-up, then you will be in a great situation. The reason for that is the person will come to feel more at ease at your main site. This is total relevance, and it can pay off for you in great ways if you build this into your PPC campaigns.