An Unbiased Review of SEONuking

As you go about your day carrying out Internet Marketing tasks, precisely what do you do?

If you are attempting to do every little thing yourself, you most likely spend most of your day frantically switching from one task to another trying to figure out how to get everything done. You create content, produce a campaign for marketing, create tons of backlinks, nurture relationships with your clients, and on and on and so forth and so forth.

But what if, for one easy price, you could outsource quite a bit of that work?

SEONuking is a program that offers to take on your SEO, backlinking, and even some of your content creation duties.

This may seem too good to be true and if it were merely a piece of software being sold to you then maybe so. This takes a different approach because you are not buying software. It is another person’s time. You are purchasing the time of a team of SEONukers. They will take on your content submissions, your inbound link generation, your SEO and even your content generation.

Here is precisely how it all gets done. You purchase a SEONuking membership and then, every morning, you submit your articles for submission and the keyword campaign you want the team to be working on, and then they do the rest for you. The company then makes use of their blog network memberships and Senuke contacts to do the project quickly and effectively. For the content material, you have two choices:

You can create your spinnable content


You can use the Ultra Spinnable Content from Vita Vee’s Leading Articles Ultra Spinnables membership program.

Either way, it is Taqi’s team that submits the content and also does the daily SEO work.

There is no real commitment needed for this membership, which charges slightly less than two hundred dollars per month. It’s possible to use the company for a month and then decide, after 30 days is up, whether or not it is worth the investment. You can also decide to cancel your membership whenever you want to.

It is personalization that makes this service superior to the others. Membership is limited so you get a personalized service. You are not purchasing anything automated. Real people are doing honest work to help you and your company succeed. Not only that, but you will have the chance to have a live talk with Mo through Skype to help you set up your goals and decide how you want to meet them. He can help you figure out how to get to wherever you want to go.