Alternative Techniques For Using Social Bookmarking In Your Online Business

As you probably know, social bookmarking as a marketing and backlinking strategy has been around for a few years. It is an approach that is specifically used for backlinking or search engine optimization methods. If you are new to Internet Marketing, then a bookmarking site is simply just a site where you can place bookmarks on the net. You can designate tags (keywords) to your bookmarks, and that has SEO benefits. But how effective these bookmarks are depends greatly on the particular site.

A few years ago social bookmark sites were ranking very highly in Google, and so many sites changed their link attributes from dofollow to nofollow – blame Google. Some sites were able to rank highly from sites like Digg and a few others. Who genuinely knows if Google had any effect over those powerful bookmarking sites and the use of the nofollow attribute. We can only speculate.

But you can achieve exposure when you take a more conscientious approach to the use of social bookmarking sites. What can result in issues with so many profiles for backlinking is the use of profiles that are not properly written or of high quality. You’ll find the more strategically minded marketers take time to create high-quality bookmark profiles. Profiles that have the appearance of being legitimate will do a better job for you and have a greater chance of passing a review. This is the best way to go for many reasons, and you will have the opportunity to use them for effective bookmarking for a long time.

Also, consider the ability to use RSS feeds with good content in them. You can market your RSS feeds at other places and RSS directories. You can include your various links plus precise content in your feeds too. Just be sure you provide exceptional content in your feeds and avoid being spammy with the links in them.

The important thing about social bookmarking is how you use it is totally up to you. The truth is a lot of IM marketers do not want to spend time with long-term strategic approaches. Maybe you can try it at just one powerful bookmarking site and see how you prefer the results.